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October 05 2017




If you reblog this. Each one of you will get this in your SUBMIT BOX


Not just a john though.

YOU WILL GET A HOMESTUCK CHARACTER THAT YOUR BLOG REMINDS ME OF. So that can literally be anyone from homestuck. Its up to me. since its my opinion.

So you will need your submit box OPEN Or else i can NOT get it to you.

I doubt this will get any reblogs. Thats why i think i can do every single one of you who reblogs this.

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Inktober/Goretober: Day 4 - Glitched Out

…this looked better in my head and when it was a sketch… I may end up digitizing this to fix mistakes like how big Refia’s head is. :,)

Prompt list: [X]

October 04 2017


i can only play Grand Slam and the only map anyone wants to play there is Cursed Tower which i refuse to play cause like hell am i gonna risk losing a max of 200B

where are the people who want to fucking play Original or even the map of the day




if we don’t get a Joker Ion by the time the 2nd anniversary comes around on the 15th this month then i’m gonna fucking riot

He’s the main character, he’s the first one that should have gotten a joker

tbh I will wait for an Anthony joker if it means he finally gets one

instead we got a Joker for Doria of all people

Anthony deserves a Joker more than Doria


if we don’t get a Joker Ion by the time the 2nd anniversary comes around on the 15th this month then i’m gonna fucking riot


i have a 5☆ Wintry Mary and a 5☆Plat. Wintry Black Rose

my Surfer Ion is still better than these two jokers


i personally don’t get the hype about osomatsu-san

maybe it’s because of the art style

or that comedy centric series just aren’t my thing

October 03 2017

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Inktober/Goretober 2017: Day 2 - Everyone Loves Puppets

Maybe I went a bit much on how broken Ke got as a marionette here, aha…

Prompt list: [X]

October 02 2017


i feel like making game of dice themed asks

because someone fucking has to in this small ass fandom


Eddsworld themed asks!


1. If you were a main character in the show, what colour would your hoodie be?
2. Describe your personal hell
3. Edd likes cola, Tom likes Smirnoff, Matt likes himself and Tord likes guns. What would your character’s favourite thing be?
4. What is your favourite eddisode?
5. What is your least favorite eddisode?
6. Who would win in a fight: Zombie Matt or the mummy from Ruined?
7. First eddisode/eddsworld video you watched?
8. Favourite headcanon?
9. Favourite minor character?
10. Favourite main character? (This includes Tord)
11. Favourite eddsworld video that isn’t an eddisode? (example: random bits, Tom’s tales of awesome, etc)
12. Pick a character and give them a theme song.
13. Would you try bacon flavoured cola? Why or why not?
14. What would your neighbour counterpart be named? (example: Edd has Eduardo, etc)
15. Favourite eddsworld comic? (if you haven’t read them they are on the eddsworld deviantArt page)
16. Favourite line from the show? (if you can, include what episode it’s from and who said it)
17. How did you discover Eddsworld?
18. Favourite zombeh themed episode? (this includes Fun Dead)
19. If you were stranded on a desert island with one character, (either main or minor) who would you want to be stranded with and why?
20. Which eddsworld adventure would you like to go on?

October 01 2017



Everytime I post art, I lose a follower.
Can I get a promo please? I’m a big eddhead. All I draw is eddsworld, basically what the whole blog is about. I also reblog some of my favourite fanart too. I like talking about headcanons and stuff. I like talking so if you wanna chat, please. I like anything in the fandom.

September 30 2017


+40 Pixel Art Tutorials


A growing collection of animated Pixel Art Tutorials by Pedro Medeiros (@saint11) of Studio Miniboss (they previously worked on TowerFall and are currently working on Celeste and Skytorn)

All +40 Pixel Art Tutorials can be found on
(10 Pixel Art Tutorials are posted below)


Welcome to EddTober 2017!


I literally just made this list up two nights ago and I’m rushing to get this out in time soooo yeah

It’s been a long long time since anybody’s taken notice of me in the Eddsworld tag, but I’ve been in this fandom since early legacy days, so hello, you new people who have never seen me before - call me Panda. 

I know what you’re thinking: What the hell is EddTober? Well, it’s a list of prompts made by yours truly to have others draw and/or write more Eddsworld-related stuff during the month of October, including some things that haven’t been recieving much attention and to add a bit of flavour to the usual stuff that’s in the tag! 

So without further ado, let’s get to the prompts!

(Featuring my personal commentary. Some useless, some useful.)

  1. Draw/Write about Edd
  2. Draw/Write about Tom
  3. Draw/Write about Matt
  4. Draw/Write about Any pre-legacy season episode, except WTFuture. (I mean, you can do WTFuture if you want, but seeing that much of this fandom is made of people who came in after The End… I wonder if any of you have truly witnessed the beauties that are Moviemakers, Ruined, and so forth.)
  5. Draw/Write Something about the symbols of the crew. 
  6. Draw/Write about Superhero Alter egos! (It doesn’t have to stop at the PowerEdd canon, either! Go nuts! Give Edd and his friends new superhero alibis and outfits!)
  7. Draw/Write about Supervillain Alter Egos! (It doesn’t have to stop at the ‘Green/Blue/Purple/Red Leader’ scenario also! Have one of them as an evil scientist, a general anarchist (oh wait, isn’t that Tom already around Christmas?), or even a cosmic entity that plans on remaking the world…literally. Sorry, was that too far?)
  8. Draw/Write about minor characters of the show. It doesn’t have to be just the one.
  9. Draw/Write about descendants of the main four guys. (Sure, you can make it about the love children of your favourite ships, but the point of this prompt specifically is to not be ship-related. See if you can come up with descendant characters from the bloodlines of the main 4. If they ever do cross over into the one great-great-grandchild that relates to all four… that’s up to you.)
  10. Draw/Write about Tord. (He’s late in this list for a reason. Trust me.)
  11. Draw/Write about the neighbours of 29 Dirdum Lane. What are those guys like, since Kim and Katya moved out a while back?
  12. Draw/Write about the neighbours of 25 Dirdum Lane. 
  13. Ooh, October has a Friday the 13th this year!  Draw/Write about something unlucky happening to the guys, or one of them. Feel free to go as dark or as humourous as you like!
  14. Draw/Write about the genderbends of the guys - if you were the one who had to choose the names and designs. (Or you can stick to canon. Up to you.)
  15. This prompt is a wild card. Go whole hog on this!
  16. Draw/Write about your crew. Whether you’re the main character with your friends or have OCs taking that place or a mix of both, up to you!
  17. Draw/Write about a Fantasy-SciFi AU for Eddsworld. (Okay, this was just my personal indulgence of a prompt. I’m a sucker for those things. This prompt can be just about coming up with an AU.)
  18. Draw/Write about Eddsworld as a video game. Whether it’s concepts and covers for your own ideas or fanart for @eddsworldarmageddon​, it’s all up to you. 
  19. Draw/Write about Todd, or whatever the name is for the Tord figure of the neighbours of 25 Dirdum Lane!
  20. Draw/Write about a Saloonatics-WTFuture Crossover. (Seriously. Time Travel. The Wild West. HOW COULD ANYBODY MISS THIS BEAUTIFUL CHANCE TO MAKE SHENANIGANS HERE. H O W.)
  21. Draw/Write about the future selves of the main guys - or, if you want to take things up a notch, make up your own versions of them! Have them all be hobos, or have cola not be banned and let Edd have a warm, happy future, up to you!
  22. Draw/Write about how you would end the Eddsworld Legacy season if The End never happened. (Would Tord even return? Who knows.)
  23. Draw/Write about Zanta. (I honestly was stuck for a prompt idea here, but I settled on him because he’s a niGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS -badum-tish-)
  24. Draw/Write about an Eddsworld movie. Whether it’s stuff for @the-eddsworld-fan-movie​ that’s currently in the works, or your own ideas, up to you!
  25. Draw/Write about what you think the deal with Tom’s eyes is. 
  26. Pick a song, any song, and put it on repeat. Use this as inspiration to draw/write something in relation to Eddsworld.
  27. Draw/Write about The Man, The Myth, The Legend behind it all: Edd Gould.
  28. This one was obligatory even without EddTober: Draw/Write something for Edd’s birthday. 
  29. Draw/Write about someone in the fandom who inspires you - even the small artists and writers who are just starting out!
  30. Ooh, we’re close to the spoopiness now… Draw/Write about monsterous things happening to the guys. Interpretation is up to you. 
  31. Happy Halloween! Draw/Write about the guys on that specially spoopy day. Interpretation is up to you. 

Phew! That was a lot to type out. Now, there’s a few rules to abide by when doing these prompts - don’t worry, they’re not too much. 

  1. When posting prompts, always tag it with #Eddtober. 
  1. Gore and NSFW is allowed in the challenge, but please tag it as #Eddtober gore, #Eddtober porn, etc. Also, no shortenings or reimaginings of those tags, so the minors on this site don’t find it on accident. I myself am just under 18, so please keep these sorts of things in mind. 
  • Keep it chill. You can draw one prompt for Eddtober, some of the prompts or all of them - up to you!
  • Spread the word. This is less of a rule and more of a personal request from me, but since I don’t wish to use a facebook or instagram and I don’t have those accounts, please tell your friends on there and other sites of Eddtober so they can join in the fun too! Reblogging this list doesn’t hurt either!
  • Sharing is caring. Reblogging from your fellow creators doing Eddtober would be great to give them a motivation and confidence boost!
  • Go beyond your boundries of imagination. The whole purpose of Eddtober is to promote new, fresh things to come up in the Eddsworld fandom and break a cycle of the same old that’s been there for a while. Take a leap, spread your wings, do your best, and go have fun. 
  • If any of you have any questions about EddTober, send them to me and I’ll answer them under a cut of this post. Otherwise, good luck! 

    September 29 2017


    i honestly don’t know why most of my followers follow me nowadays when my main thing is screaming about game of dice and ion christine


    joycity is giving away a free joker character at a random 5☆ to 5☆Diamond status on 10.4 from 4AM to 4PM PDT

    god truly is real

    September 28 2017

    9414 6968 500


    I only have a limited number of slots for commissions!

    All payments must be done through PayPal only and the prices are in USD (United States Dollar)!

    You can also “Buy me a coffee!” on Ko-fi for as little as $3 USD!

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    I only have a limited number of slots for commissions!

    All payments must be done through PayPal only and the prices are in USD (United States Dollar)!

    You can also “Buy me a coffee!” on Ko-fi for as little as $3 USD!



    only pre-2016 ew fans remember

    • “knarck knarck it’s mork”
    • sasquatch
    • polisbill
    • eeveesworld
    • the five(5) regularly drawing artists in the fandom all beings friends
    • That time one of them drew the boys in her AU and the other ones all did fanart of one character each and it rounded out perfectly
    • Popular artists recognizing and supporting newcomers
    • That one fUCKing flipnote with See You Again
    • Tord actually being fairly rare to see in the tag
    • It was like a slightly-bigger-than-average family
    • I still miss the old days fuc

    September 26 2017

    9434 450e



    he has pigeons oh my god I love him!!!!

    9450 28b0 500


    guess who i fell in love with

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