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August 27 2017


i’m adopting Max

i’m his new mother


August 26 2017

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I almost started crying my dreams came true

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this is the cutest thing omg

August 25 2017

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August 24 2017

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▶Johndave: The Fanzine is Now Available on Dropbox!◀

Featuring: Full colored illustrations and comics from 34 artists and fanfictions from 6 authors

((Dropbox doesnt work? Download it here!))

It was such a blast having the opportunity to organize something like this and to get the chance to work with these incredibly talented people. Thank you all so much for your support we hope you enjoy our zine!

@deadanchors || @meruz || @harveychan || @pepoh || @sicknastyjr || @dazed-squid || @awildcale || @hamotzi || @somebrainfuckedbird || @clockwork-incubus || @gooberjam || @jayspants || @simplynovology || @naridoodles || @aryll || @ectoderms || @liardy || @a-bichol || @thespacemaid || @teacats || @kitzup || @artofkbux || @hairdevil || @mintkameiru || @queenhitsuri || @irrelevanthiccup || @sunglassescharacter || @glubtier || @screamingshark || @dzueni || @aetherlogic || @jealouscartoonist || @ananymous-art || @Exorciststuck || @plinkoid || @zenellyraen || @spacepuck || @auxanges || @miramise

August 22 2017

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you don’t think you enjoy these sleepovers as much as john does

(download the johndave fanzine here!)





the rise of the guardians art book is the best thing because


August 21 2017

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The first batch of PT’s with their teams is finally done! 16 hours of work really paid itself off. 

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Persona 5 Anthology: Ann taking care of Akira in both mentally and physically.

August 20 2017


reblog if ur icon is u irl

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doodled a little RipKe thing ye

in reality tho, they are both bumbling and flustered idiots. even when no matter how much Rip tries to convince everyone he’s a natural charmer









my #1 piece of college advice for you youngsters would be to always keep a phone charger, snacks, and an umbrella in your backpack at all times

Also for the love of God don’t skip class.

Buy a reusable water bottle / container. Especially if you walk around a lot.

Buy a watch because you can’t always look at your phone believe it or not.

Bonus if it has alarms (preferably quieter ones) so you can keep track of your time.

ALWAYS. KEEP. YOUR CHANGE. Especially silver coins! Adds up fast.

Talk to the people sitting next to you in class. Exchange phone numbers or something. Keep friendly. If you ever miss class, let them know and ask if they can share their notes. Always have at least 2 people in case 1 isn’t there.

Make sure you have at least one pair of sturdy walking shoes. Believe me, walking to class sucks sooooo much more with blisters and sore feet

MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR PROFESSORS. Seriously, they can help you get where you want to go in life by giving you good references and making your life easier.

Use every resource you have available. First week of classes: learn the library, find computer labs (especially the ones that aren’t on the first floor of any given building- the easiest to find labs are always the busiest and noisiest), familiarize yourself with tutoring/ help centers, learn where campus security is located and how to contact them, and if you don’t know your adviser, schedule an appointment to meet them within the first two weeks of the semester. Knowing all of this information/ people takes off so much stress and limits unpleasant surprises when you need them the least.

I. For the love of god, utilize Financial Aid services if you need them. If you have some outstanding balance and lose all hope of making it to the next semester WITHOUT going to Financial Aid, you’ll never know if they can help you. It’s scary and you’re automatically going to assume the worst, but just go. They’re not evil unapproachable people trying to hurt you– they’re just doing their job.

II. Participate in volunteer work the college is offering. These are great things to add to your resume; bonus if the college hosts job fairs (it’s how I got my very first job that I’m still in). If you have career services there, go to them. Get to know them– they can help you too.

III. If you’re suffering with mental illness, go to your college councelor and talk with them. You’re an adult now– they do not have to tell your parents anything (unless you are contemplating suicide/harming yourself, they cannot keep that to themselves) so you are safe for the most part. It’s easier to go to counceling at college than in HS in my honest opinion. If college is stressing you out, schedule an appointment with them and talk with them about it. I would also recommend emailing your professors and telling them your situation and seeing if they can help you out by extending due dates.

IV. SPEAKING OF EMAILING YOUR PROFESSORS: I have anxiety. Shit is tough– I know. But this is college and emailing is going to be top priority. Here’s my template:

Hello/Dear Professor (Name),

I am emailing you today about ______


Here is the homework/project/etc for _______

Thank you,

(Your Name)

JUST BE PROFESSIONAL ABOUT IT. Don’t overthink it. Take a deep breath, stay calm. You don’t have to write a paragraph or have a thesaurus next to you.

V. Go to your college’s library. This seems simple enough but most don’t understand how good it is to have a college library. Speak to the librarian, get to know them and see which books are there. If you can’t afford the class’ textbook, chances are they’ll have copies there you can use for a period of time. Also, remember to be respectful of others in the library.

APA Format | MLA Format | Citation Machine  <— Enough said.

(^ Wikipedia is not a source for essays. Neither is google images for pictures. That’s how professors generally work.)

VI. Flashdrives are your friend. Dropbox is your friend. Email essays and other shit to yourself just to be sure.

VII. Do some kind of extra curricular activity please! Especially if you live off-campus. Don’t just go to college for classes and then leave– you’re paying a fuckton of money to be there so utilize everything they have! Join a club if there’s some, and if you got what it takes, ask to make your own! Get yourself involved! The more people see you, the more they’re going to notice you.

VIII. If you have one of those professors that don’t allow electronics, just suck it up. It’s all I can tell you. I hate it too, especially since I prefer to type and keep my notes nicely organized, but it’s their rules. Make sure you don’t leave every minute to use your phone, either.

IX. Speak out against your professors that are being shit to you or leading a shitty class. You’re paying to be there and you deserve only the best & quality of classes and professors.



Things that don’t make people a weeaboo:

  • Liking anime
  • Liking manga
  • Being interested in Japanese culture or language
  • Enjoying Japanese video games/rpg games
  • Wearing clothing items or carrying bags with anime-related pictures on them
  • Owning any other merchandise related to the above things

Things that make people a weeaboo:

  • Being a complete and total disrespectful asshole who thinks that liking Japan makes them superior to everyone else.
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Akira to Ann:


They were planning on a DATE!!

Literally AKIRA  DON’t FUCKING CARE ABOUT HIS OWN HEALTH AND STILL WANT TO GO ON A DATE WITH HIS PRECIOUS GIRL, but ANN being a TRUE WAIFU SHE IS, taking care of him instead like GOD these two dorks are SO IN LOVE I can’t even AHHHHAHHhahhhhhhh



so today’s map of the day tho

August 19 2017

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first few frames for an animatic i’m making for fun using Game of Dice characters

looking forward to finishing this aha~

in reality, it’s a shitpost. i do nothing but shitpost on this game lol whoops

also Ion is me

August 18 2017


me, a (surfer) ion main: *cries* my lovely boy is finally getting the recognition he deserves

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